My Goals

Get a degree in fine art, maybe even a masters... Study with a Master. Study Realism and abstract art. Paint in classical style in water color, oil and acrylic. Mae my own paint. Paint modern, abstract and surreal subjects in a classical way. Make social comment through art. Start an international woman's artists collective. Build a web site full of art resources. Do Collaborative art with women around the world. Show.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And here is what I did today...

Here is the photo I was working from, I decided to try something a little more challenging with lots of foreshortening, and a slightly more dramatic pose. I must confess I cheated a bit as I used a few guide lines to help me get the proportions right.

Here is the charcoal outline, cleaned and lightly sprayed.

Then corrected and prepared for the watercolor wash.

The first wash not yet dry as you can see the paper buckling.

Once the watercolour is dry I begin to layer the charcoal, creating light and and dark at which point I can make any corrections that I am able to see. Then, I like to take a nice break and then come back to it, I ALWAYS see something glaring I did not notice, that is in dire need of this elbow...yikes

Ahhhh... that's better..! I also like to try to look at overall shading values to give it a realistic light dark balance. All done, what do you think?


Michelle said...

I am very impressed. You are so talented. I have always wanted to be able to sketch or just be able to draw something a little better than a stick figure, but have never been able to. What a gift you have. (By the way, I really enjoy this blog!)

oreneta said...

OK, I am officially intimidated. Well, maybe did tame that elbow effectively. What kind of paper are you using? Cause that is quite a bit of buckling...have you ever stretched the paper first? I am always far too lazy.

oreneta said...

I am coming to the conclusion that there is no such thing as cheating in painting...if it gets you to where you want the painting to be, so be it...that said, photocopying a b&w photo and then painting it direct may be a bit of a cheat...but I think you know what I mean.

what have you been doing? I like the mix-media you've done here, I may adopt it into one of the works I am struggling may solve a problem I am having.